Benefits of Bluehost web hosting

When working with a web hosting company, you need to first of all evaluate their performance before purchasing any of their packages. Needless to say, you need to look for a company that delivers the best services and offers them at a reasonable price. Bluehost web hosting is one of the oldest and most successful web hosting companies in the US and across the world. Their success comes from the different benefits that they offer their customers. If you have checked other web hosting companies for their services, it’s time to compare the benefits of Bluehost and the others.

First of all, pricing is a major factor when choosing a web hosting company. You most likely have a tight budget but still need to get above average performance. Well, the best place to be is at bluehost and once you pay their flat monthly fee, there are no other hidden charges. Bluehost only charges $7.99 per month with no extra charges for annual subscribers while $6.99 for a two year contract. You can sometimes get it for even less with special BlueHost promotion codesThe best part with Bluehost is that they do not ask for more charges and their price is fixed regardless of the hosting plan you choose.

Bluehost also boast a well established customer care department. Unlike some web hosting companies, bluehost gives 24 hour customer care service. While some companies will charge for customer care services, blueshost offers the service for free. If you need any help, you just have to call or chat with their support team unlike other webhosting companies that require you to send an email which may take days to be replied. Another great benefit with bluehost is their ability to handle the latest multimedia. With today’s web presence requiring the latest flash animations, bluehost will offer you the best multimedia tools that make it easy for you to enhance your presence online.

A Clear View of Windows Hosting with iPage

With experience in hosting from 2001 and a choice of datacenters for maximum efficiency and speed, iPage has established a good name in web hosting generally, with minimal poor reviews and a loyal customer base.  BBB accredited, employee-owned and operated, this outfit is seen as a higher-quality and higher-priced provider for business needs.  So what do the iPage hosting reviews say?

iPage, based in California and Virginia and employee-owned, offer Windows, Mac and LINUX hosting.  They have based their reputation on their top of the range Dell servers and high quality hardware, using three independent internet providers for maximum connection speed and minimal downtime. Their web hosting packages include VPS hosting, shared hosting and dedicated servers, with the option of a web designing service for special requirements, and would seem to have something for everyone.

Their network is checked all the time, not only for faults so they can respond immediately to any problems, but for improvement potentials.  For those looking for a safe and familiar environment to operate their websites, iPage’s Windows hosting seems to have all the boxes checked.  They offer unlimited bandwidth and disc space, latest cPanel control panel and FTP access with 2,000 FTP accounts.  They provide Windows-compatible scripts and support for applications for forms, live chat, photo galleries and weblogs, and they pride themselves on their tech support, which is available all-day, year-round and 100% in-house by email, ticket, toll free telephone or live chat.  Other support resources include their FAQs, knowledgebase, video tutorials and forums, and reviews describe their support as friendly, fast and knowledgeable.

The two datacenters on opposite coasts are certainly a selling point, as email and websites for business customers within the maximum speed zones for either can run up to six times faster.  Customers across the globe can choose the optimum center for their location.

Criticisms from users are mainly about price: iPage are not the cheapest show in town.  Yet apart from this it is difficult to find adverse comments, and iPage averages only one hate-page per 300,000 pages.   Most users seem happy with the reliability and are apparently prepared to pay a higher price for better service.

With some 90% of desktops and of the market share of client operating systems for internet usage being Windows, iPage are wise to offer Windows compatibility.  As with all their resources, it seems to be better quality at a higher price, but customers familiar with iPage are ready to pay.

HostGator Coupon: Where to Find the Best of the Best

The trick with any kind of free offer on the web is knowing where to find them. Some people just seem to have a ‘knack’ for finding these hidden jewels across the borders of the net, others just happen to stumble across them. The fact is that the vast majority of us have an inkling of how to search the net for the information that we want and in most cases we find what we are looking for. In some cases we don’t so we have to speak to people, friends and even associates to help us get a handle on what it is we need.

The first thing you need to find or have (depends on you) is a good search engine. An engine that is powerful enough to pull up the largest amount of information on your chosen topic, (in this case web hosting coupons). If you are not satisfied with the type of results that you are getting then you may want to try a meta search engine (like Dogpile) to enhance your results that will hopefully give you a wider range of results to make your choice from. What you need to remember is that there are tons of companies out there who are going to say that their service is the best. You have to keep the needs of your site in mind when you are selecting the one to use.

Most web hosting companies have a standard set of services that they supply you with when you sign up; a certain amount of disk space on their site servers, an allotment of bandwidth, technical and customer support. These same companies almost always offer you a coupon of some sort as an inducement to sign with their service. A Hostgator coupon is one of the best that you can find or get. This company is noted as being one of the best if not the best in terms of overall service to web hosting clients. You get unlimited disk space, a very generous bandwidth and of course the kicker, excellent 24/7 technical and customer service. So you are covered on all fronts.

It might sound too good to be true. Well it isn’t. This company is on the cutting edge of affordable and quality web hosting to the masses and from the looks of things, they don’t have plans to stop anytime soon. Something else you should note. Yes, you may have found the ideal service for you but that doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t look around and see what else is on the market in terms of coupons offered. Who knows, you might be able to get your hosting service to offer you something that they haven’t before. Don’t be afraid to say that you aren’t satisfied with a particular aspect of your service. If you don’t say anything how will the company know that they aren’t satisfying all if not most of your hosting needs and that a part of their overall service needs to be improved?